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Entry #3

End of the big vacation.

2010-08-20 20:08:11 by LysergicPanel

Monday will be the beggining of a new phase in my life, UNIVERSITY, I however, shall yet make the best of my last remaining weekend, I will travel to a peaceful , out-of-the-way town nearby in hopes of spending a leisurable time with my best friend and guitarrist, Cheve Von Rocking Tone.

The holy mountains and half a plate of magic mushrooms will join us on this final journey of the summer, I will miss the warm rain, but my friend and I will surely be spending less time together from now on, as his lair besets his pressence in the southernmost part of the capital, so, into this final act of brotherly bondship we tread, ´ere setting foot in a new, exciting adventure.

Which is life....

FUCK is that a jellyfish!?!?

End of the big vacation.


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2010-08-20 20:09:17

what a beautiful jellyfish....


2010-08-20 20:44:22