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Cool gadget

This is very creative and entertaining, it was like watching the thoughts of a mixer unfold before my eyes, I´d suggest a version in which the sound plays by putting the mouse over the image . Y´know, just so you can play the shit you like.

Also, the animation is very good, the slickness in the movements of the dancing dudes fits the sound most adequately.

TheBoogley responds:


haha yeah!

haha at first it wasn´t as funny as the first one, but then hilarity ensued....

You made me laugh...


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Mad respect!

I like drawing , and I know the little details are hard to get right, I don´t knoe much about programming but I appreciate how very well done this is, congratulations! I really got a kick out of this nice game.

Muja responds:

Thank you so much, I tried to work on every little detail, so it's really satisfying that somebody's praising my hard work!

Super annoying bug!

Often, when I tried to exit from a puzzle by pressing z the game wouldn´t respond, y´know, this being a puzzler I kind of find this a major flaw.

Great puzzles though!

Very entertaining and lasting.

I found very well thought the fact that you could earn perks by amounting upgrade points; it gave the game a solid RPG feeling, but...the lack in number of available towers made the game quite repetitive at a point, also, a more varied array of enemies and bosses was sorely missed.

Also, may I ask from where did you borrow the backgrounds?

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Very modern art and great concept, looks fantastic!

bte check my art if you like, justo so to keep sharing! take care man, never quit art.

This is very nice

This is very moving, the expression on her lips , and the shyness coming fron the bare doll. The technique isn´t much too polished, but that remains for the pros, and I as an artist myself would face some difficulties makin´ this one if I made the attempt.

Feel free to view my art as well ^^ , just so to keep sharing . Peace!

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Man, I love your anime style, I mean, the detail is rich and the girls always look hyper cute. also the colors and shading are pleasant to the eye, you are one of my favorites dude!

ps. I´d like to share my art with you, feel free to browse it, it´s on-site!

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